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Now you can offset the spending easily with Points after using Citi Credit Card for your purchases of FlyAway Travel Insurance Plan or Zurich Ideal Home Plan through Citi, and HomeChoice Insurance Plan through Zurich. It takes just a few simple clicks!


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Offset your spending with your points in just a few steps

Purchase Zurich FlyAway Travel Insurance Plan through Citibank

Limited to cardholders of Citi PremierMiles Card and Citi Prestige Card only – Upgrade your free travel insurance to the Premier Plan

Purchase the Ideal Home Plan and settle the premium with designated Citi Credit Card to enjoy Pay with Points

Limited time offer

Citi FlexiBill and Citi PayLite
Successfully apply via Citi Mobile® App to enjoy up to 2% unlimited spending rebates!

Terms and conditions apply. For details, please visit and

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Want to review your credit card transaction record after shopping?
Want to check if your refund has been deposited?
Now there’s no need to wait for your monthly credit card statement - simply check all these
by logging in to Citi Mobile® App anytime, anywhere!

Not a Citi Credit Cardholder?

Apply now and experience a world of rewards.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

“Citi Pay with Points” Terms and Conditions


  1. Citi Pay with Points Redemption Service (“Service”) applies to Principal Cardholders ("Eligible Cardholders") of Citi Classic Card, Citi Gold Card, Citi Rewards Card(except Citi Rewards UnionPay Card), Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Plus® Credit Card, Citi Prestige Card, and Citi Ultima Card issued by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited ("Citibank") ("Eligible Cards").
  2. This Service is applicable to the Single Net Transaction (as defined in Clause 3 below) Cardholders made at Zurich’s dedicated website (“Zurich’s Online Platform”) with an Eligible Card (“Eligible Transaction”), subject to a minimum amount.
  3. A "Single Net Transaction" applies to the final amount of a single transaction after deduction of all applicable discounts, reductions and value of cash vouchers. Unposted/ cancelled/ refunded/ falsified/ unauthorized transactions are excluded.
  4. To enjoy this Service, Cardholders must verify their identity by providing their mobile number that has been registered with Citibank, as per Citibank’s last updated record, to receive a One-Time Password, and the identity verification will be confirmed upon the One-Time Password being correctly entered. Eligible Cardholders can select the amount to redeem with Citi Points (“Points”) and complete the redemption under the Service.
  5. The Service is valid immediately after performing the Eligible Transaction. If Cardholders exit from Zurich’s Online Platform voluntarily or involuntarily including but not limited to network disconnection, technical device malfunction or unexpected outage on Zurich’s Online Platform, during any of the steps illustrated under Clause 4 above, Cardholders will not be eligible to enjoy the Service for the abovementioned Eligible Transaction.
  6. The amount of Points redeemed for statement credits to offset Eligible Transaction will be deducted from Eligible Card account. Cardholders may redeem up to Eligible Transaction amount in full with Points or available Points at Eligible Card account (whichever is lower). Cardholders must redeem a minimum amount, which is subject to the minimum required Points shown in the Citi Pay with Points page under Zurich’s Online Platform for each redemption. Statement credits will be posted to Eligible Cardholders’ Card Account within 7 calendar days of redemption.
  7. The redemption rate varies by credit card types and may change from time to time. The exact redemption amount and points required are based on the display at the Citi Pay with Points page under Zurich’s Online Platform at the time of redemption.
  8. Cardholders must promptly update Citibank of any change to mobile phone number. Citibank shall not be liable to any Cardholders or anyone else for any losses or damages arising from the Service.
  9. The Service cannot be cancelled, returned, exchanged or traded for cash or other promotion.
  10. If under any circumstances Eligible Cardholders return or cancel the Eligible Transaction, any associated statement credit will remain on Eligible Cardholders’ Card Account and Points will not be returned.
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