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Start enjoying the benefits of your card before it even arrives

Eager to shop with rebates but your card is still on the way?

Wait no more! Just activate your digital credit or debit card using Citi Mobile® App once your application is approved*, even before your physical card arrives, then shop in stores or online just as you would with a physical card.

* The service is available to existing customers renewing their credit or debit cards, or applying for their second credit card. New Citi credit or debit card customers, stay tuned for the full-service launch!

All the benefits of your card, without the card.

Shop online now
Shop online now

With your digital card details stored in the App, you can shop online right away*.

Pay with your mobile
Pay with your mobile

Once activated, you can instant add the card to your mobile wallet. Tap and pay in stores.
(coming soon to digital debit cards)

Earn Rewards now
Earn Rewards now

If your card earns Rewards or cash back, start earning straight away.

*You can also set up auto debit payment and other recurring payment with digital cards; but please remember to update CVV2 (for credit card) and/or CVC2 (for debit card) at merchant’s website after receiving your physical cards to ensure a seamless online shopping experience.

Active your digital credit card with few taps

Credit Card offers and privileges

Latest Credit Card Promotions

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Citi Pay with Points

Offset spending with Point at designated merchants’ online platforms to enjoy exclusive privileges

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Additional Privileges for Contactless Payment

Using contactless payment by Citi Rewards Card to pay conveniently and enjoy 5X points

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  • What is a Digital Card?

    Digital Card is a service provided to view your Digital Card details (Card number, Card expiry date and Digital Card CVV2) upon Card Approval/ Card Issuance and to activate your Digital Card via Citi Mobile® App and make Payments in connection with goods and/or services with your Digital Card.

  • Is this a new Citi Credit Card?

    Digital Card is not a new Citi Credit Card but a service that allows you to make Payments in connection with goods and/or services prior to the arrival of your Physical Card.

  • What is a Temporary CVV2?

    The CVV2 attached to your Digital Card after Digital Card activation via Citi Mobile® App and will be replaced by the CVV2 number on you Physical Card post Physical Card activation.

  • Do I need to apply or register in becoming a Digital Card user?

    No application or registration required. You can directly activate and enjoy this service via Citi Mobile® App.

  • Do I need to pay extra charges to enjoy the Digital Card Service?

    This service is free of charge.

  • What will happen if I do not activate my Physical Card after activating my Digital Card Service?

    Physical Card activation is also required as your Temporary CVV2 will not be available on Citi Mobile® App or for making any online payments after 90 days.

  • Do I need to re-provision in e-Wallet after activating my physical card?

    The digital wallet provider may only require you to enter your CVV2 at your first provision, so re-provisioning is not required.

Active your digital dedit card with few taps

Debit Card offers and privileges

Local Spending

Up to 1% cash rebate for first 6 months

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Overseas Spending

2% Unlimited Cash Rebate

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Citibank Global Wallet

Enjoying fee-free online shopping

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  • What type of cards eligible for the Digital Debit Card?

    Only Debit Mastercard® is eligible; if you’re holding an ATM card or Visa debit card, you will not have a Digital Debit Card*.
    *Digital Debit Card is only eligible for card renewal/replacement for now; the Digital Debit Card service for a new Debit Card will be available soon, please follow our announcements closely for updates

  • When can I activate the Digital Debit Card?

    The Digital Debit Card will be available on your Citi Mobile® App within 1-2 working days after your Debit Card is replaced or renewed. You will receive an SMS stating your Digital Debit Card is ready for activation.

  • What do I need to do when I receive my new physical Debit Card?

    You need to activate your new physical card within 90 days through the Citi Mobile® App, Citibank Online, or CitiPhone Banking Hotline. Your new Debit Card will become invalid if you do not activate the physical card within 90 days.
    For more details on how to activate the physical Debit Card, please visit

  • Can I continue to use my Digital Debit Card without activating the new physical card?

    The Digital Debit Card is a temporary service before you receive your new physical card. You can continue to use your Digital Card until your new physical card is activated or becomes invalid. If you do not activate your physical card within 90 days of issuance, your Digital Card will become invalid and any attempts to make spending transactions after that will be declined.

  • What will happen to my Digital Debit Card temporary CVC2 after I have activated my new physical card?

    After you have activated your new physical card, the Digital Debit Card temporary CVC2 will become invalid. You will have to use the actual CVC2 printed on your new physical Debit Card for upcoming transactions; you might need to update the CVC2 recorded with any Online Merchant(s) or in your e-Wallet.

  • What function(s) can I use my Digital Debit Card for?


    Digital Debit Card

    Physical Debit Card

    • In-store purchases and contactless payments1


    • Online purchases

    • Cash withdrawals

    • Citibank Global Wallet


    • Spending Reward - Enjoy up to 1% cash rebate during the first 6 months3

    • Dining, shopping and travel privileges


    • Exclusive Mastercard® privileges

    • PPS


    • EPS1

    1 In-store purchases and contactless payments excluding EPS;

    2 Only for Digital Debit Card which has been added in Apple Pay or Samsung Pay;

    3 Not for transactions using Citibank Global Wallet and posted in foreign currencies (any currency other than HKD);

    4 Only for Online Purchases; or for the Digital Debit Card which has been added in Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

    5 Once your digital debit card is activated, any PPS payments previously scheduled when the old physical card was valid will continue to be executed.
    Please note:
    • Digital Debit Card is only eligible for the card renewal/replacement for now;
    • Digital Debit Card cannot add in Apple Pay or Samsung Pay services now; if you want to use Apply Pay or Samsung Pay service, please add to your card after you have received and activated your physical Debit Card.
    The related services will be available soon, please follow our announcements closely for updates

  • Do I need to sign on the back of the new physical Debit Card? Must the signature on the card be the same as my signature on record with Citibank?

    Yes, upon receiving it you must immediately sign on the back of the physical Debit Card. Your signature must be the same as the signature on record with Citibank.

  • Will my Debit Card details change after the card is replaced/renewed?

    If your new card is a renewal of a card that is expiring soon, the new card will bear the same card number as the old card, but will carry a new expiry date and CVC2; you may continue using your existing ATM PIN.
    If, for whatever reason, you receive a new card as a replacement for the old card, the new card will carry a new card number, expiry date and CVC2, plus you may need to set up a new ATM PIN.

  • Can I change the daily limit/s for merchant purchases and online purchases on my Debit Card?

    Yes, you can change any of your limits through Citi Mobile® App whenever you want. Just go to Profile & Settings > Manage ATM/Debit Card Limit to change the setting.

    Card type

    Daily limit for merchant purchases#

    Daily limit for online purchases

    Citigold Private Client and Citigold



    Citi Plus, Citi Priority and Citibanking



    # The daily limit for merchant purchases includes contactless payments but excludes EPS. Your EPS limit will be shared with your bill payment limit. Please visit