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Lighten Up With Citi PayLite

Lighten big payments from your bank account with ease using Citi Mobile® App

Turn them into easy installments with Citi PayLite

Manage your cash flow more flexibly, with Citi PayLite now available for bank transactions

Key Fact Statement

Convert Selected Bank

Convert selected bank transactions into fixed installments on your Citi Credit Card

Have your funds credited

Have your funds credited back to your Citi bank account instantly


Enjoy easy cash flow management with just a few taps on the Citi Mobile® App

Citi Mobile App special offer

With Citi PayLite, turn any of these transactions from
your bank account into small easy payments using your
Citi Credit Card and gain a chance to earn up to HK$15,000 Shopping Vouchers1,2,3 !

Promotion Period: Available till June 30, 2024

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Frequently asked questions

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

The installments from the Citi Credit Card “FlexiBill” Installment Program and Citi Credit Card “PayLite” Installment Program are billed to the Citi Credit Card account monthly similar to a normal retail purchase and are subject to usual finance charge if you pay/ had paid less than the statement balance indicated on your current or previous monthly statements of account on or before the payment due date. For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions for Citi Credit Card "FlexiBill" Installment Program and Citi Credit Card "PayLite" Installment Program.

  1. The promotional period is from April 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotional Period”). Eligible “FlexiBill” and “PayLite” Installment Loan refers to approved “PayLite” Installment Loans in relation to any individual transaction made by Citibank banking account/ATM/Debit Card and “FlexiBill” and “PayLite” Installment Loan in relation to the Credit Card current statement balance or a portion of the current statement balance or any individual transaction with approved loan amount of HK$5,000 or above and a minimum tenor of 24 months with an Eligible Card within the Promotional Period, and does not include Citi Credit Card “PayLite” Installment Plan for iPhone for Life.
  2. Selected Cardholders who apply successfully for an Eligible Loan (as defined in Clause 1) with an Eligible Card during the Promotional Period (“Participants”) and become the first 1,000 Participants who accumulate higher Eligible loan amount will be entitled to a designated amount of Wellcome Supermarket Shopping Voucher (“Shopping Voucher”). The higher accumulated Eligible loan amount, the higher Shopping Voucher amount will be entitled:

    Participant Ranking (According to accumulated Eligible loan amount. The higher accumulated Eligible loan amount, the higher ranking of Participants) Shopping Voucher Amount (HK$)
    1st 10,000
    2nd 8,000
    3rd 5,000
    4th-10th 1,500
    11th-30th 800
    31st-100th 500
    101st-500th 150
    501st-1000th 50

  3. Selected Cardholders will be entitled to one lucky draw chance for every HK$5,000 Eligible loan booking approved (as defined in Clause 1) and successfully drawn down during the Promotion Period. Prizes are as below:

      Quota Wellcome Supermarket Shopping Voucher (“Shopping Voucher”) Amount (HK$)
    1st Prize 1 5,000
    2nd Prize 1 3,000
    3rd Prize 1 2,000
    4th Prize 7 800
    5th Prize 20 500
    6th Prize 70 200
    7th Prize 400 100
    8th Prize 500 50




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Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions for Citi Credit Card "FlexiBill" Installment Program and Citi Credit Card "PayLite" Installment Program