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The instalments from the Merchant Instalment Plan are billed to the account monthly similar to a normal retail purchase and are subject to usual finance charge (APR/fee) if you pay/ had paid less than the statement balance indicated on your current or previous monthly statements of account on or before the payment due date. You may find the terms and condition at

Merchant Installment Plan Terms & Conditions
(Clause 15 of Citi Credit Card Agreement)


  1. The following terms and conditions shall govern Merchant Installment Plan, subject to and in addition to this Agreement. All capitalized terms shall have their respective meanings as defined in this Agreement, unless otherwise defined or the context requires otherwise.
  2. The Merchant Installment Plan (the “Plan”) is a loan (the “Loan”) provided by the Company at its absolute discretion and is only applicable to the Cardholder / Cardmember at such merchants as may be designated and communicated by the Company from time to time (each a “Merchant”). In respect of each Transaction using the Plan (each, a “Plan Transaction”):
    (a) Cardholder/Cardmember irrevocably authorizes the Company to pay the full Plan Transaction amount (“Loan Amount”) to the Merchant in one lump sum (which may be before all or part of the relevant goods or services have been provided by the Merchant) and undertakes to repay the Loan Amount to the Company by equal monthly installments through the Card (each an “Installment”) with the first Installment being charged on the Plan Transaction date, and each subsequent Installment will be charged to the Card on the same monthly calendar day (or the next calendar day if there is no such day) of the Plan Transaction date until the Loan Amount is fully repaid. Each date on which an Installment is charged to the Card is referred to as an “Installment Date” in this Agreement;
    (b) Availability of the Plan is subject to eligibility and account status checking by the Company in its absolute discretion. In the event of cancellation of the Plan by Cardholder/Cardmember, a Merchant Installment Plan Cancellation Handling Fee (if any) as specified in the Fees Schedule may be charged and the outstanding Loan Amount will be billed in full;
    (c) the Loan Amount will be held from the Customer Credit Limit according to the tenor of the Plan and shall be repaid by monthly Installments. Each Installment is irrevocable and will be debited monthly from the Account until full repayment of the Loan Amount. The Company will proportionally restore the Customer Credit Limit every month after payment of each Installment by Cardholder/Cardmember. As such, only the outstanding Installment amounts shall be counted against the Customer Credit Limit. Any return or exchange of products will not affect the payment obligations under the Plan;
    (d) the Plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers as determined by the Company and the Merchant in their sole discretion. All matters and disputes relating to the Plan are subject to the final decision of the Company.
    (e) payment of each Installment shall be treated in the same way as any other Transaction charged to the Account and subject to all terms of the Agreement. In any event, Cardholder/Cardmember is required to repay the Loan Amount in full to the Company and is liable for all charges, including without limitation to charges on overdue payments, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;
    (f) the Company may at its absolute discretion and at any time without giving any prior notice and reason, (i) not offer the Plan to Cardholder/Cardmember ; or (ii) withdraw or cancel the Plan/Loan/Account. Upon the occurrence of any of the aforementioned event, or if the Cardholder/Cardmember cancels the Account, Cardholder/Cardmember shall immediately repay all outstanding liabilities under the Account, including without limitation any amount outstanding under the Loan, to the Company.
    (g) 1.5% of the billed Installment will be included in the Minimum Payment Due.
    (h) In addition, if the Company does not receive the full payment of the Minimum Payment Due by the Payment Due Date, a Default Finance Charge (if applicable) will be charged instead of the Finance Charge and you must also pay a Late Charge as determined by the Company and notified to you from time to time; and your credit records will reflect payment delinquency. The above is subject to the terms of this Agreement governing your Citi Credit Card account. The Cardholder/Cardmember should refer to Clause 4.3 (l) of this Agreement for the charging logic of the Default Finance Charge. The prevailing Finance Charge, Default Finance Charge and Late Charge are available in the Fees Schedule.
    (i) Points, Octopus Cash or Cash Rebates will be credited monthly corresponding to the Installment billed.

    For details of the credit card agreements, please refer to the link of the respective credit card agreements.
    The following is the illustration for Clause 15.2(h) of Citi Credit Card Agreement TERMS AND CONDITIONS and Citi Octopus Credit Card Agreement TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Clause 17.2(h) of Citi HKTVmall Card Agreement TERMS AND CONDITIONS and Clause 18.2(h) of Citi The Club Credit Card Agreement TERMS AND CONDITIONS:
     Loan Amount  HK$6,000.00
     Tenor  6 months
     Installment Date  March 10, 2021
     Billed Installment  HK$1,000.00
     Minimum Payment Due specified in the Statement  HK$300
     Rate of Finance Charge as set out in the Statement  31%p.a. (APR: 34.28%)
     Current Statement Date  March 15, 2021
     Payment Due Date  April 12, 2021
     Payment made on March 20, 2021 (“Payment Date”)  HK$300
     Finance Charge on the billed Installment (HK$ 1,000) from one
     day after current Statement Date (March 16) to one day before
     Payment Date (March 19) at 31%p.a. (i.e. HK$1,000 × 4 days ÷ 365 days × 31%)
     Current outstanding Installment amount  HK$700
     Finance Charge on the current outstanding Installment amount
     (HK$ 700) from Payment Date (March 20) to next Statement
     date (April 15) at 31%p.a. (i.e. HK$700 × 27 days ÷ 365 days × 31%)
     Total Finance Charge (i.e. HK$3.40+HK$16.05)  HK$19.45
     Next Statement Date  April 15, 2021

    For the previous version of the Key Facts Statement and Terms & Conditions, you can refer to for reference and download. This link will be valid for 30 days from the effective date of the new version.

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