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Get more out of your assets with Portfolio Finance

What is Portfolio Finance1?

Portfolio Finance enables you to borrow at a competitive rate2 against a broad range of financial assets as collaterals, including deposits, equities, bonds, mutual funds and structured products. Portfolio Finance allows you to meet your general liquidity needs and enhance your investing power by providing you with additional capital to seize investment opportunities as they happen.

Borrow against a broad range of collaterals3

Get additional capital of up to 90% of your initial investment holdings with us

Enhance investment returns or for general liquidity needs

Drawdown loans in local or major foreign currencies

View loan details on Citi Mobile® App anytime, anywhere

No handling charge or annual fee

How does it work for Investment Plus?

With the simulator below, you can now simulate the illustrative effect of Investment Plus on your investment portfolios, as well as the Margin Call analysis.

Simulate the Effect of Investment Plus
Initial Capital
Coupon/Dividend Yield (p.a.)
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Loan Amount
Maximum Loan Amount Utilization
Total Investment Amount
Loan Interest Rate (p.a)
  • Return Analysis
  • Margin Call Analysis
Key Feature of Investment Plus:Investment Plus amplifies both the positive and negative returns of Investments.

Slide to see how price movements amplify Investments returns with/without Investment Plus. The effect of a price movement of % is reflected in the results below, based on a period of 1 year.

Investment returns with/without Investment Plus
Without Investment Plus
With Investment Plus
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Key Feature of Investment Plus:While Investment Plus can help you get more out of your assets, a Margin Call or Force Sell may be triggered if the level of margin is insufficient due to negative price movements or changes in Loan-to-Value Ratio.

Slide to see how price movements in Investments may result in you receiving a Margin Call. The effect of a price movement of % is reflected in the results below, based on a period of 1 year.

Margin Call / Force Sell Levels with
Investment Plus
Loan Amount
Initial Capital
Margin Call Level Force Sell Level
Based on the inputs, Margin Call or Force Sell are triggered following a and fall in the Total Investment Amount respectively.

The risk of Margin Call or Force Sell can be reduced by maintaining a lower level of leverage. This is illustrated in the table below.

Simulation based on Input Other Simulated Utilization Levels
Leverage (%)
Buffer to Margin Call (MV %)
Buffer to Force Sell (MV %)


  • MTM refers to mark-to-market. In the above simulation, it is assumed that the loan currency and collateral currency are the same.
  • MV% refers to the percentage change in your investment portfolio.


  • The information and figures provided above do not constitute an offer to sell nor is it a solicitation of an offer to Investment Plus.
  • The information set out in the above is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute actual, past or predicted performance or returns, but simply the calculation based on the parameters provided.
  • The terms and definitions above are for informational purposes only, which might differ from those used in the official documentations when you apply for Investment Plus.
  • The values are in USD.
  • The maximum and minimum values of the input fields are solely for demonstration purposes, and do not represent the actual offering for Investment Plus.
  • The scenarios depicted are not exhaustive nor mutually exclusive.
  • The scenarios and rates shown above are for a 1-year return, and are not indicative of actual and/or future performance or returns.
  • The above assumes the Loan Interest Rate and Coupon/Dividend Yield remain the same over the 1-year period, actual loan interest rates and coupon/dividend yield are subject to change.
  • If the currency of the loan is different from the currency of the underlying investments, foreign exchange rate risk implications may affect the value of the loan and underlying investments.
  • The determination of Margin Call and Force Sell triggering depends on the degree of Margin Erosion (“ME”). Margin Erosion is defined as the percentage change of the initial equity position. Upon Margin Call and Force Sell, clients are required to perform certain remedial actions within the respective timeframe, otherwise, or if the situation is deemed necessary by the Bank, the Bank may, but are not obliged to, notify the client before exercising the rights of force liquidation.
  • For details regarding the above, please refer to your Relationship Manager or Citibank staff.
  • Prior to apply for Investment Plus, you should understand the product and its associated risks in order to determine whether the investment is suitable for you in light of your experience, objectives, financial position and other relevant circumstances.
  • Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of this page, the English version shall prevail.

Is Portfolio Finance suitable for me?


Portfolio Finance could be suitable for you if:

  • You are a Citigold Private Client / Citigold account holder
  • You meet the internal suitability assessment and credit approval by the Bank
  • You are seeking extra funding flexibility to pursue additional investment opportunities or to enhance the overall returns of your investments
  • You are able to maintain a diversified portfolio as pledged collaterals and you understand the Margin Call arrangement that you have to pledge more cash or eligible investment assets into the account as collateral or sell down your investment holdings within a short period of time upon receiving a Margin Call

To find out more:

Contact your Relationship Manager or call CitiPhone Banking Hotline at (852) 2860 0333 now!

Other Important Information

Other Important Information

To borrow or not to borrow?

Borrow only if you can repay!